Feeding the north since 1963.

"The guys that do the yogurts?" was pretty much the response I got from anyone when I mentioned I was doing a shoot for Dunsters.

A family run business they do so much more than (ace) yogurts & since I did my 1st shoot for them earlier this year they have become one of my favourite brands to shoot for & a handy source of flour, pasta, face masks & prawn crackers... all the essentials for these strange times.

capturing a true family business.

Dunsters contacted me earlier this year via instagram to book a shoot for their nomination for the North West Family Business of the Year Awards.

With 3 generations*, a strong sense of history throughout the brand & Hetty & Dora to capture in the shots it was a great challenge. Thankfully the branding in the reception was spot on for the type of shot I envisioned, I never usually go for "Directors in front of the Company Logo" shots as they can be a bit, well, naff, but their space really worked.

Hetty & Dora behaved & the branding gods were smiling down that day with a massive stack of on brand pallets to work with.

The photos helped them win the 2020 Best Wholesalers Award. Well the fact that they are ace wholesalers was probably the main reason they won.

The fact that they are the best wholesalers means they have, in record time, set up a great service for all people in the area needing supplies when the lockdown was introduced.

*I haven't included the shots with the youngest member of the team as she is only 1.

Dunsters Farm Shop.

Within days of the lockdown kicking in & a national shortage of toilet roll & flour being declared. Dunsters had pulled together a core selection of products for delivery or collection not only for their wholesale customers but individuals & families who needed access to the goods. It was great to work with them on the shoot for the website & instagram content to get the message out there. The challenge for me was to work out how to shoot the delivery & pick up at a safe distance (thankfully my neighbours let me climb on their garden wall & I dusted off my favourite long lens to shoot at an acceptable social distance) and then how to set up my dining room to shoot & deliver the standard I would working out of a studio.

My home studio is now up & running for social distanced shoots for any local businesses.

Dunsters have totally smashed the home delively & click & collect service. Responding to customer feedback, they are continually working to help local food producers find a route to market and improve the quality of food we all have access to & importantly to Dunsters they are creating a true local supply chain.

These are my favourite types of shoots, a challenge, a great client & knowing there is real value in the shoot!

So when you are doing your big shop this week check out Dunsters.

It's not just their yogurts that are ace.