A fishy Photo story.

Back in May I had a dream booking to spend 10 days shooting a brilliant hotel in Vietnam, the TUI Blue Nam Hoi An with a great crew & the ideal scenario of a near empty hotel, so no people to ruin my photos & move the sun loungers.

A few days in the shoot was going great but cabin fever was setting in so the hotel manager suggested we use one morning to wander just 1k down the beach before sunrise to witness the local fish market.

Over the 17+ years I have been shooting travel images I have been to a lot of apparently "authentic" markets near to hotels & resorts & most are underwhelming or as far from authentic as you can be, or if they are half decent they have been commandeered by "the white girl in the floaty dress & hat shooting content for her insta" ...

So it was with a grumble I woke at 4am, grabbed my bag, met the video & drone crew & mooched down beach.

Reader. It was bloody amazing!

Fish! Boats! People! Noodles! Bikes! Ice! More People! More Fish! Noise! Smells!

An absolute sensory & visual overload. It was great to see so much life & just get stuck in shooting anything & everything that looked interesting.

A few highlights of the morning;

Watching the sunrise over the silhouettes of the boats on the horizon.

Seeing a gaggle of amateur photographers enjoying a photo trip organised by Hoi An Photo Tour .

Obsessively watching the ice factory pumping out slabs of ice to be bashed up & distrubuted throughout the market.

Just generally remembering why I love Photography!

Most of the images here are way too off brand for the client & are technically rejects from the main shoot.

I had too much fun & love the shots too much to have them gathering digital dust in my shoot archive.

So enjoy!

Then book your trip Vietnam!

& if you want to visit the Chợ Cá Tam Tiến market it's here.