I’m Karen & I’m a travel and commercial photographer from Manchester. 

I currently live Doha, Qatar & work throughout the Middle East, UK & Europe.

I’ve been a professional photographer for 18 years and can’t think of a better way to fund my obsession with food and wine.

As you can see from all the blue skies and sandy beaches on my website, I LOVE travel & most of my work is for travel companies of all sizes, from the worlds biggest & best tour operators & airlines to the funkiest independent hotels & campsites.

My last "proper job" was at Jet2holidays, where I was Head of Photography. I was hired to “sort out the photography”. In my four years there I created (and ran) the photography department, with a team of in-house photographers, a network of freelancers throughout Europe, and a huge image database. Jet2holidays is now the largest tour operator in the UK – an achievement of which I’m incredibly proud to have been a part. I left the company as I wanted to step away from a management role and back behind the camera where I’m happiest. I love that I still get to shoot for them, just now with less paperwork.

As well as jetting around various sunny destinations when I can, I also do commercial photography for businesses that want to inject some creativity and personality into their brands. No matter the size of business my clients want a photographer who “gets” them – someone who is on the same wavelength and who can come in and make their vision a reality & stand out from the crowd.

Hearing the stories behind the business – how it began and what it means to the people behind it makes all the difference, and allows me to tell their story through images. From the farmer who turned their land into a glamping site to the award-winning pub owner who transformed their unused rooms into a cool BnB, your story is your selling point.

From working with large corporations, I know what makes a great ‘hero’ shot – the one that makes people say “wow”. But your business is all about the little things too – the thoughtful touches and unique elements. I put these together to make people fall in love with your brand.

My work has been featured in Vogue, the BBC, Guardian and more in flight magazines than you shake a tub of factor 50 at. The best moment of my career though was the first time I saw my image on a billboard … Well when my mum did so she knew I had a “proper” job.

In my spare time I love nothing more than a big ramble with friends or on my own listening to a podcast. In the UK that usually means stomping up a big hill in all weather & then on to the pub. In Doha when the temperature dips below a million degrees you will find me wandering the city getting inspiration from every corner. My Doha wanderings inevitably end by the sea with a strong coffee & very cold (fizzy) water.

I’m addicted to cheese, my favourite TV show is Catastrophe & I own more pairs of trainers than a 45 year old mum really should.

| if you need any podcast inspiration... or just want to be nosey & see what randomness I listen to check out my Very Random Podcast List