"You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together."

(Anthony Bourdain)

The dream team

You learn even more about someone when you see how they build a team & how that team works together. You can have the best ingredients, the finest wines & the coolest location, but without a great team that all falls flat.

Let me introduce you to the M Doha and the amazing team behind the best food & drinks & coolest restaurant in the country.

I spent too much time trying to find the words to write here to describe The M, the idea behind it & most importantly, the food. Then I realised I don't have to when I can direct you all to Dohas best food blogger Rachel Morris of Life on the Wedge for words.

My job is to take great photos that show off the team & the food & the space & that make you want to go there.

You need to go there, the food is brilliant.

So thanks to Justin & the team for trusting me join their gang & shoot the amazing M.

Check out the photos & keep popping back to see more. This is just the start.


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