Right, let's get it on "that Airbnb" & see who books.

First of all a disclaimer..

The Gite in the photos is a family owned property, my Mum & Stepdad have been working on it for years to renovate & modernise it with the intention of using it as a space for family & friends to visit.

They have toyed with the idea of listing it on Airbnb to fill the gaps... sort of .. but not really got round to it.

Like most of us my work has been pretty quiet recently, so as soon as we got the all clear to travel* I offered to shoot the property in exchange for a weeks stay (and entertaining the 7 year old child duties) .

So they get some professional photos of their property to make it stand out on Airbnb & I get to dust off my kit & get back to work.

I wanted to write this blog to show off the cottage in case any of you out there want a sneaky break & also to give a few tips on how to prepare for a shoot if you have a similar space you want to list.

* this was early July before travel advice all went to sh1t again & Yes.... I'm aware who I sound like buggering off to a cottage so my family can help with childcare.

Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.

You know when you have people round & you tidy up... do that x 1077653 when having your property photographed, it makes such a difference.

If you have booked a professional shoot, which obviously I recommend, you want to get the most out of the time the photographer is with you. Time is money & there is no hiding the fact that commissioning a decent photographer will cost, but the investment you make is also in their experience & knowledge not just the fancy camera they bring.

A good photographer will know the best time to shoot each room & the exteriors, for example I shot the living area, bathroom, then the main exterior shots late morning into the afternoon, the upstairs was shot in the later afternoon when the sun wasn't streaming in though the skylights creating hotspots on the beds & the exterior details were taken the next morning when I knew the dappled light coming through the trees would be at its best.

In each room I moved bits round & styled it with the decor & items (you may see a plant & candle or 2 repeated throughout the shots).

A few things to consider when getting ready for your shoot , apart from a good clean & keeping an eye on the weather (no one books a holiday from grey rainy pics)

  • Think about each room & how its used, prep it to show off at its best.
  • Cupboards are your best friend for stashing clutter, yes you want the shots to show the personality of the space, but people want to imagine themselves there & too much stuff is off putting.
  • Make sure you highlight any unique features & if there is something you are especially proud of or that has a good story behind it tell your photographer.
  • Make the beds! Ok you don't have to iron the bedding... if you don't want... but there is nothing that looks worse than a scruffy duvet...
  • ....Apart from bulbs that have blown! You have spent time decorating & styling your space to be inviting & the light in a massive part of this so please ensure sure all the bulbs are working. I have lost count of the hours I have wasted shooting hotel, apartment, domestic & even commercial interiors waiting for bulbs to be replaced.
  • Research photographers before you book, look at their past work, check out reviews & try & have a chat with them beforehand. Not only do you need to ensure they are in your budget, they need to have the right style that suits your property & most importantly you need to know you can work well with them.
  • Check out the competition & how they photograph & list their property & think about how you can stand out from the crowd.

Enjoy the shoot!

You have worked hard to create a space people will want to visit & a photoshoot should show off your vision & hard work...

and get people to book!